Confidence and Authenticity.

Our Retreats, Workshops, and Online Courses teach you how.
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Improve your mood and nourish your resilience in this one-of-a kind workshop.
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Renew, Re-energize and Restore yourself close to Nature.


Tools and practices that stick with you through life.

Our unique approach to mindfulness and narrative therapy helps you show up - confidently and authentically - with care and ease, no matter what.

Be Resilient. Live Authentically.

Whether you are a professional or family caregiver or an individual experiencing a significant shift in circumstances such as retirement, migration, or family separation, our proprietary programs will guide you back to feeling at home in your own life.

Elevate Team Mindsets.

Our customized workshops, retreats, and courses provide leaders with capacity-building skills and give teams precisely what they need to reduce workplace burnout, meet their goals, and better support their clients.

Restore yourself close to Nature.

Whether it's a 90-Minute weekend escape, a 2.5-hour private studio session or a customized personal development day for your group, our retreat studio is the Space to reconnect with your sense of purpose and well-being.

Learn. Practice. Repeat.

We are using communication technology as a force for (human) good. Our online community delivers face-to-face meetings, events, practices, demonstrations, and more. We guarantee you will always feel whole, seen, and supported here.

From Our Clients.

What better way to learn and practice mental and emotional well-being than by taking a workshop? Yes, you could read a book or listen to a podcast, but it's not the same as sitting with other people in the same room and discovering that you are not doing this alone.

Allison P.

I did the mountain meditation with Patlee. At the end of the session, I had the strength to take me through the day. I felt stronger and taller, like a 'mountain.' I could focus on what was important and not let small problems wear me down. Thank you, Patlee!!


The journaling workshop was fantastic… you get a free membership to the community as part of the workshop fee… the [community exercises] helped me make the adjustments that I need in my life, and I so appreciate them. I recommend taking a look at the services Patlee offers because they have been so helpful to me.

Marissa S.

I really appreciate the sense of calm that I feel about heading into a difficult situation in a couple of days. The Calm Community Circle that Patlee facilitated showed me how to experience the negative but know that I can change the focus to a positive one.

Group Workshop Participant

I love the Mindful Lunch session I attended! It included some nice bite-sized bits of information that supported my overall well-being. There is great value in joining these!

Victoria M.

I love connecting through narrative; these studio sessions help make my journaling work more enjoyable, meaningful, and insightful. I've reached a more profound ability to pin down peripheral thoughts into something enlightening and meaningful. The open discussions and different perspectives have pushed my thoughts and understandings in new directions. It's exciting, and I feel connected in new and gratifying ways.


I enjoyed the Mindfulness and Conflict Transformation Workshop. The grounding technique was beneficial. The students can use it in their studies and workplaces to reduce stress and help ground themselves in the present moment before or during a difficult conversation or presentation. I could see that they left the workshop reflecting on what was discussed. I am grateful to Dr. Creary for sharing this knowledge and practice with us.

Dr. Olga Skarlato
University of Toronto Mississauga

I now have a better understanding of the power of self-awareness. Having taken the time to come here early in the morning for this workshop and hearing Dr. Creary start the session with “take a moment to realize that you are here, and you should feel good that you took this step” was such a great start to my day. Learning how to ground myself before I make a stressful decision has had a positive impact on me.

Group Workshop Participant