Reconnect with the resilient you.

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Reyou offers a human-centred approach to mindfulness and mental well-being support so you feel valued, restored, and refuelled in your wellness and well-being journey.

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There are thousands of ways to reyou.

At Reyou, we guide you back to the you that already has the answers to navigate life’s transitions with one-of-a-kind courses, tools and practices that stick with you on your journey through life.


Choose from various courses covering topics such as journaling, mindfulness, storytelling, and mental... 

Reyou Stories

This collection shares stories, poems, and essays that creatively reflect on the lived... 

Why Reyou?

Our unique approach to mindfulness and narrative therapy helps you show up - confidently and authentically - with care and ease, no matter what.

  • "I did the mountain meditation with Patlee. At the end of the session, I had the strength to take me through the day. I felt stronger and taller, like a 'mountain.' I could focus on what was important and not let small problems wear me down. Thank you, Patlee!!"

    Q. C., Manitoba

  • "The journaling workshop was fantastic and I received a free membership to the community as part of the workshop fee. It helped me make the adjustments I need in my life, and I so appreciate them."

    Marissa S., Manitoba

  • "I really appreciate the sense of calm that I feel about heading into a difficult situation in a couple of days. The workshop Patlee facilitated showed me how to experience the negative but know that I can change the focus to a positive one."

    Workshop Participant, Manitoba

  • "I love the Mindful Lunch session I attended! It included some nice bite-sized bits of information that supported my overall well-being. There is great value in joining these!"

    Victoria M., Ontario

  • "What better way to learn and practice mental and emotional well-being than by taking a workshop? Yes, you could read a book or listen to a podcast, but it's not the same as sitting with other people in the same room and discovering that you are not doing this alone."

    Allison P., Manitoba

  • "I felt like I belonged here! There is no one else I would trust as a guide through rest and recovery from the stress in my life. Patlee never disappoints. She has a variety of tools and extensive experience."

    Chrissy C., Manitoba.

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Reyou Community

Our online community delivers face-to-face meetings, events, practices, demonstrations, and more. We... 

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    In-person and online workshops, retreats, and courses for improving your well-being and deepening your resilience.

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    Workshops and retreats to help you improve your client outcomes and enhance your teams' safety and well-being.

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    A calm and restful space that nourishes your mind, health, and well-being, only one hour away from Winnipeg.

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    A safe+brave online space where people come together for self-paced learning, ongoing practice, and meaningful support.