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Three things I learned from my latest personality test.
Personality tests can be instructive in helping us name the ‘paths’ we are on, and they can help us to understand the complexities of others
The Most Interesting Woman in the World (MIWW)
Life gives us many opportunities to take stock of our self-stories and tell them in a way that helps rebuild our confidence and authenticity. The MIWW embodies that. 
My Old Tree and Lessons of Untold Stories
Your untold stories are the key to well-being and resilience. Here's my untold story and how it makes me an authentic, whole human being.
The benefits of disappointing others.

Focus on the life-giving side of saying what you need, even if you think it will hurt.

Journal your way to art and catharsis.
Here is one example of how narrative therapy practices become storytelling art.
Treating Fatigue with Self-Care
Are you tired of recharging just for the moment? Here's how you can use the power of story to increase your self-care sustainably.
Yes, You Can Make Time for Mindfulness! Here’s How.
Save your precious time and spend it on moments that help you connect to better mental health and well-being. Here are five ways to do that right now.
Six Ways to Ignite Your Journaling Practice

Thinking of starting a journaling practice? Feeling bored or stuck with what you already do? Here are six things you need to know.

What would it feel like to take your seat in a place that makes you feel safe and brave at the same time?