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Choose from various courses covering topics such as journaling, mindfulness, storytelling, and mental health awareness, delivered in an interactive format.

"I love connecting through narrative; these studio sessions help make my journaling work more enjoyable, meaningful, and insightful. I've reached a more profound ability to pin down peripheral thoughts into something enlightening and meaningful. The open discussions and different perspectives have pushed my thoughts and understandings in new directions. It's exciting, and I feel connected in new and gratifying ways."

K.H., Manitoba

Journaling Subscription Stream

Work at your own pace and progress through courses and practices that teach you how to use journaling to increase your well-being and build mental and emotional resilience in this subscription-based course. 


$129 MONTH/$774 YEAR

Mindfulness Subscription Stream

This subscription-based course teaches you the fundamentals of mindfulness-based stress reduction and engages you in practices that will help you manage chronic stress and feelings of anxiety.


$129 MONTH/$774 YEAR

Storytelling Subscription Stream

This subscription-based course teaches you the basics of lived experience storytelling and how to create your own fictive or non-fictive story about your experiences, resilience, and challenges.