Level up your mental wellness and well-being with learning and practice Streams that put you in control.

Our online learning Streams let you choose from journaling, mindfulness, or lived experience storytelling courses. Each Stream offers a pathway for you to grow your well-being, deepen your resilience, and connect with your best self-story so that you can show up better in your life, feeling more confident and authentic and better able to support the people you care for.

We support you every step of the way with monthly check-ins, live events, and regular progress checks.

What are Streams?

Streams are a series of online courses that help you grow your skills from Beginner to Master level and beyond. You can choose from three Streams: Journaling, Mindfulness, and Storytelling. With Streams, You get to work at your own pace using your choice of well-being tools to build consistency and bring the skills into your personal and work life.

Streams Enrollment

Each Stream consists of five levels. When you enroll, you will start at the Beginner level and advance in the Stream until all the levels are complete. Each Stream is organized to have you learn and practice key skills at your own pace. Each next-level course builds on the skills you gained in the last one.

When you complete each level, you will receive a digital micro-credential badge that captures all the soft skills you learned at that level.

Convenient Payment Options are Available for all Stream Courses.

Journaling Stream

Courses in this Stream take you from Beginner to Creator level journaling. We will teach you the tools and practices that help you successfully adapt journaling to your mental wellness and well-being needs. We'll show you how journaling can be used as a self-care and renewal tool that helps you build confidence and resilience.

Mindfulness Stream

Courses in this stream help you grow your mindfulness meditation practice from Beginner to Leader level. You will also learn the fundamentals of MBSR, and we'll introduce you to some neuroscience data that validates mindfulness practices. You will also learn about mental health awareness and the factors that affect mental well-being.

Storytelling Stream

Courses in this stream help you improve your self-narrative and confidence as you progress from Beginner to Creator level. We will teach you the basics of lived experience storytelling, and we'll show you how to use accessible narrative therapy techniques to create empowering stories about your own lived experiences.

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