Our Mission

To help people live intentional life stories that positively impact their self-confidence, deepen their resilience, improve their relationships, and enhance their mental wellness and well-being.

What We Do

We expertly blend mindfulness, mental health awareness, and narrative therapy practices to give professionals, caregivers, and individuals experiencing significant life transitions an accessible and human-centred approach to dealing with stress, disruption, and burnout so they can show up more confidently and authentically, with care and ease, to better support themselves and the people they care about.

Patlee Creary, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba, University of the West Indies, Untold Stories Studio Creator, black woman, green background, smiling, talking

Meet Patlee

Patlee is an inspiring educator, writer, researcher-storyteller, MBSR facilitator, and mental health advocate. She is the Founder of Reyou. You can learn more about her background and work by viewing her profile on LinkedIn.

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About Patlee

Our Clients

We believe in creating a supportive community where learning, practice, and humanization guide our mental wellness and well-being approach. We work with individuals and groups to provide workshops, retreats, and online courses that improve psychological safety and deepen resilience. Are you our next client?

Our Vision

We want to see a world where all individuals can find belonging, celebrate their authenticity, and enjoy better mental health and inner peace. We enact this vision through learning and practice and by embracing the power of stories.

  • Humanization

    We acknowledge the whole human, their unique identities and safety needs, and the totality of their experiences.

  • Community

    We prioritize respectful and careful interactions with our clients and colleagues. We see them and make them feel that they belong.

  • Safe+Brave Space

    We create a container of friendliness, curiosity, and non-judgment to make space for conversations that spark growth.

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