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We host our online community in Mighty Networks, a secure and private online platform where people who are hungry for better states of mental and emotional health can learn, share experiences, and grow with others.

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  • One Month Trial Membership: $45.00. Try us for one month and if you choose to upgrade to an annual plan within your trial period, we'll give you a $25.00 Studio Gift Card.
  • Monthly Membership Plan: $40.00 per month. Subscription renews monthly, cancel anytime before the next payment.
  • Annual Membership Plan: $280.00 per year. Subscription renews annually, cancel anytime before the next payment.

Are your looking for a small group program that can help you achieve specific mental health, well-being, work recovery, and self-care goals? 

The Journey Program is a small group learning and practice experience that can help you set and reach your mental health, work recovery, and other self-care goals. We bring the best elements of our workshops and studio community practices together, while providing personalized support and small group sessions aimed at helping you learn, practice, and put into action the skills and mindsets that can help you achieve your mental health and well-being goals over the course of one year. Click here to learn more about The Journey Program.

All Membership Plans include:  

  • Access to an ongoing community of peer listeners and supporters.
  • Instant access to any material associated with an included or purchased workshop.
  • Unlimited online access to journal prompts, weekly challenges, celebrations, and activities designed to help you care for your mental and emotional health.
  • Unlimited online and in-person access to all Community Sessions and other special community events.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts on in-person workshops, mindfulness tools, and special events.

    See our Refund and Cancellation Policy for details about subscription renewals.