We facilitate online and in-person workshops that weave together mindfulness practices, narrative and phenomenological inquiry, conflict transformation techniques, and fun writing and art making exercises.

Our goal with each workshop, session, and event is to create interactive, engaging, and practice-filled learning opportunities that can help you unwind and de-stress in the moment, while building skills that you can draw on to manage conflicts and stressors, (re)construct your identity, and improve your mental health and well-being in the long-run.

We aim to use technology to support mental and emotional health in a human-centered way. Although the trend had been growing for a while, more and more people became accustomed to online learning because of the pandemic. Online and remote learning options allow for greater learning flexibility, inclusion, and accessibility.

We put the power to learn, practice, and grow in the hands of our workshop participants. By using technology that is personal computer and smart phone friendly, integrating a familiar content navigation and learning management setup that resembles common social media platforms, and by offering live-online sessions through available and free-to-use Zoom videoconferencing, online workshop participants can feel connected as though they are a part of an in-person learning and practicing community, while being in their own geographical locations. The live-online meetups are especially important for building a sense of safety and support, without compromising accessibility.

Our in-person workshops take place at the studio in Pinawa, MB. The studio space is expertly curated to ensure a welcoming and supportive learning environment. We also integrate local features and attractions into many of our workshop activities so that visitors to Pinawa can embrace the full experience of learning and practicing mental health along the Winnipeg River.

We also support what you learn in the workshops by providing continued engagement and practice in our online community with skill building practices, community sessions, monthly challenges, and micro-workshops.

We keep our workshop groups small so that everyone can feel seen and heard while maintaining respect for our 3CsConfidentialitynon-Coercion, and Commitment. This is an important part of our commitment to holding safe + brave space, humanizing individuals, and building community while promoting personal wellness and mindful practices that can help you reduce stress and anxiety. 

New workshops are added frequently and most workshops are recurring. We invite you to join the studio email list to get the latest news about new workshops and registration openings.