For Individuals

We are for professionals, caregivers, and individuals experiencing a significant shift in circumstances such as retirement, migration, or family separation. Our proprietary programs will guide you back to feeling at home in your own life.

  • “Patlee is such a patient and supportive instructor. Thanks to this workshop, I am now more confident when communicating and better at listening and understanding others.”

    B.V., Manitoba

  • "What better way to learn and practice mental and emotional well-being than by taking a workshop? Yes, you could read a book or listen to a podcast, but it's not the same as sitting with other people in the same room and discovering that you are not doing this alone."

    Allison P., Manitoba

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  • Online Courses

    We deliver subscription-based journaling, mindfulness, and storytelling courses. We also provide soft skill training courses in Mindfulness and Resilience at Work and Mindfulness, Communication, and Self-Care for those who want to build essential life skills to support their personal and work lives.

  • Online & In-Person Workshops

    Our workshops are live, scheduled events where you learn, interact and integrate with other humans. Most online and in-person workshops include complimentary membership to the Reyou Community network, where you will access your workshop materials and other resources.

  • Studio Retreats

    Whether it's a 90-Minute, half-day, day-long escape, or a private session at our studio in Pinawa, Manitoba, our in-person retreat space is the perfect place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle so you can reconnect with your sense of well-being.

  • Online Community

    A subscription to our online community gives you unlimited access to face-to-face meetings, events, practices, demonstrations, and more. You can choose from different plans to complete journaling, mindfulness, or storytelling courses at your own pace.


What to expect

We care deeply about your comfort, safety, and well-being. Here is what you can expect when you join our community or do a workshop or retreat with us.


    We provide secular, inclusive, and trauma-sensitive mindfulness, narrative, and lived experience storytelling practices that are firmly grounded in scholarly research.

  • #2 - PROCESS

    To register for any of our courses, workshops, or retreats you must complete a Client Intake Form. If you join our online community must complete an account profile and agree to the Community Code of Conduct.


    We maintain careful moderation standards to ensure our online community is a safe space for all. We reserve the right to remove inactive user accounts and anyone who violates our Code of Conduct.

  • #4 - SUPPORT

    We are here to guide you and help you master the techniques and practices with check-ins, progress surveys, online meetings, and more. Your participation and use of a support activity is always optional.


    We do not offer mental health diagnosis, treatment, crisis intervention or support. Contact your healthcare provider or the nearest hospital if you are in crisis or need mental health treatment or diagnosis.

  • #6 - FOLLOW-UP

    We will follow up with you with feedback forms and post-activity assessments to learn about your experience with a course, retreat, or practice, to offer additional support, and to find out how we did.

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