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We work with businesses and non-profit groups that support youths, seniors, and other vulnerable populations. We help them build connections with their clients, strengthen community and capacity, and meet their service and support goals.

  • "I enjoyed the Mindfulness and Conflict Transformation Workshop. The grounding technique was beneficial. The students can use it in their studies and workplaces to reduce stress and help ground themselves in the present moment before or during a difficult conversation or presentation. I could see that they left the workshop reflecting on what was discussed. I am grateful to Dr. Creary for sharing this knowledge and practice with us."

    Dr. Olga Skarlato, University of Toronto Mississauga

  • “It feels amazing that I get to share my story in a safe space. Patlee helped me realize that I am not alone on this journey. By the end of the workshop, I felt less anxious about being around people and sharing my story. I improved my writing and social skills and learned something new about myself each time I came to the sessions.”

    Group Workshop Participant, Manitoba

  • "I now have a better understanding of the power of self-awareness. Having taken the time to come here early in the morning for this workshop and hearing Dr. Creary start the session with “take a moment to realize that you are here, and you should feel good that you took this step” was such a great start to my day. Learning how to ground myself before I make a stressful decision has positively impacted me."

    Group Workshop Participant, Ontario

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  • Online Courses

    We deliver individualized training through our premier online courses: Mindfulness and Resilience at Work and Mindfulness, Communication, and Self-Care. Completing these online-only courses earns the participant a soft skill micro-credential badge. Contact us about group discount rates.

  • Presentations & Workshops

    We tailor our presentations and workshops to our client's needs. Our work is delivered from a trauma-sensitive and experience-focused lens using well-researched, secular and inclusive mindfulness, narrative inquiry, and behaviour design techniques suitable for all cultures and identities.

  • Planning Days & Retreats

    We host groups of up to 12 people for planning, personal development days, and retreats at our studio location in Pinawa, Manitoba. Our custom retreat packages include a tailored workshop with integrated workplace mindfulness training and options for local outdoor experiences.


Working With Us

Great relationships are based on transparency, trust, and minimal guess work. Here's what you can expect when you work with us.

  • #1 - DISCOVERY

    Our process begins with a complimentary discovery session. We want to learn about you, your goals, and your team's needs. We will also discuss your expectations, timelines, and budget.


    Once we have a service agreement in place, we will schedule one or more meetings to collaborate with you as we implement the approved proposal. A 50% deposit is required at this time.


    Knowing where people are is extremely important. We do a baseline assessment of where your group is right now so that we can implement a training program that delivers the desired results.

  • #4 - DELIVERY

    Whether it is a workshop, course package, or retreat, we will ensure that our deliverables exceed your expectations. The remaining 50% of our service contract would be due around this time.


    We love feedback, and we hope you do too. Our post-assessments let us see how the training investment has worked for you. It is also an opportunity for you to tell us how we did.

  • #6 - CHECK-INS

    The end of the training is the beginning of something new. We provide optional plans for group and individual post-training check-ins, advanced training, and refreshers.

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