Journaling Stream

Work at your own pace and progress through courses and practices that teach you how to use journaling to increase your well-being and build mental and emotional resilience. 
Start with How to Journal - Beginner and progress to Creator level. Each course level builds on the skills you learn in the last one and gives you practical tools and practices that will help you nourish your return to yourself.
Each course in this stream takes about four to six weeks to complete. We recommend you cover one unit weekly to maintain consistency and give yourself sufficient time to reflect upon and practice what you've learned. But once you begin a course, the pacing is up to you. If you've mastered a strategy, feel free to move on; if you want more time to practice and integrate, you can slow things down.
When you complete each level, you will receive a digital micro-credential badge. The badge will capture all the soft skills you learned at each course level. Your course completion badge also signals that you are ready to move on to the next level course in the Stream.
You can start your next-level course anytime. We recommend taking a two-week break between levels to give yourself time to integrate what you've learned. We're here for you if you need more time to complete your Stream. Just reach out to us in the secure online learning space where you access your course, and we'll help you sort things out.