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To be mindful is to be in the present moment, noticing all the wonder that we didn't realize were right in front of us.” – Ellen J. Langar

Mindfulness is about paying attention to how our mind works. We use mindfulness-based stress reduction as a way to help you do this while improving your response to stressors. Mindfulness practice, alone and when used in storytelling work, helps to lower your anxiety reactions and can lead to better states of mental and emotional health.

By practicing mindfulness with us, you will uncover ways to stay connected to the present moment, while looking at past experiences and memories as well as the future with a sense of objectivity and experimentation. This helps you to acknowledge your story without being overwhelmed by negative thoughts.

Consistent mindfulness practice also helps you create mental calm while promoting a sense of rest and renewal. Our practice sessions help you increase your focus and gain clarity. And they give you the needed time and space to process your emotions and feelings.

Sometimes these practices do not require a group or guidance. You only need a quiet space and the right kinds of tools. We created our own line of mindfulness tools to help you achieve that. Our journals, note cards, and thought cards are designed to help you unwind, nourish, and rebuild your sense of self.

You can experience the power of putting words on paper in mindful and thoughtful ways with our mindfulness tools. Writing something deep and meaningful is not only rewarding, it can restore emotional energy for the one giving and receiving a thoughtful message written on a beautiful card that tells its own story.

Our products are designed in our studio, often from the practices and activities that we do in our workshops. They are professionally printed in single-run small batches. They stand out as creative representations of the kinds of expressive storytelling work we do, making them ideal mindfulness tools and great gifts.

Are your ready to tune in to recovery and renewal? Practice With Us.