Mindfulness Learning & Practice Stream

Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness-based stress reduction and do practices that will help you recover from stress and manage chronic pain and feelings of anxiety. Online courses in the mindfulness stream to help you grow your mindfulness meditation practices.

Courses in this stream:

  • Everyday Mindfulness - Beginner
  • Everyday Mindfulness - Intermediate
  • Everyday Mindfulness - Advanced
  • Everyday Mindfulness - Master
  • Everyday Mindfulness - Leader

When you complete each online course, you will receive a digital micro-credential badge that shows the soft skills you gained by completing the course.

Each course takes about four to six weeks, but we encourage you to work at your own pace. To prevent overwhelm, we open new topics in each course weekly so that you have time to complete assignments and practices before new ones are added.

We open new courses bi-monthly to give you time to process and reflect on the skills you just learned and see how they work for you in real life. You can start the next course in your stream whenever you are ready.