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When we have the courage to walk into our stories and own it, we get to write the ending.” – Brene Brown

You've probably been there or you know someone who has, but you try not to talk about it because - well, because. You are probably getting help, but you feel you need a little more, a something or someone to help you feel a little safer. You're probably feeling the effects of being isolated from yourself (and the rest of the world) for too long. You want to take a step out of loneliness, but you don't know where to safely start.

The truth is, whether one has a mental illness diagnosis or not, we could all stand to experience better states of mental and emotional health at some point in our lifetime. Whether you are coping with the everyday stressors of being a stay at home or working parent, caring for an aging parent or perhaps a partner who has a mental or physical health problem, or you are navigating major life changes like a move or job change, divorce, loss, or isolation and loneliness, you are doing energy and identity depleting work that, when left unchecked, can reduce your mental strength.

We focus on growing mental strength with mental health self-care, community support, and practice. We believe that true transformation comes from learning new mental health skills, practicing those skills, and sharing our experiences and challenges with others who have similar goals.

Stories reflect the way that human beings represent and reflect upon their hopes and despairs. They help us make connections among the events we’ve experienced and are a way that the human mind organizes life events into meaningful accounts. The stories that we tell ourselves have a lot to do with the way we feel about ourselves, the way we handle conflicts, and respond to stressors.

We teach you how to use phenomenological, narrative, conflict resolution, and mindfulness techniques to investigate, understand, and write new endings for your stories. When you learn about the stories you tell and your stories that remain untold, you give yourself the opportunity to explore your relationship with yourself and with others. You also tune into ways that you can own your story and reclaim your authentic identity.

With practice and support, this learning gives you the power to live the stories that you want to tell about your strengths, your power, and your healing.

Are you ready to journey into transformation? Take a Workshop.