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Included with this workshop.

Join us live online for this exciting workshop that teaches you how to cultivate a journaling practice that will nourish your resilience and well-being.

We've organized this workshop to be practice focused. You will be learning why journaling helps grow mental wellness and deepen resilience. Each week, you will try out various journaling activities and tools as you build the foundations for a consistent journaling practice that leaves you feeling more confident, authentic, and in control.

You are eligible for this workshop if you

Are new to journaling or have had trouble adopting journaling as a consistent well-being and self-care practice.

Follow our weekly meeting schedule.

The live components of the workshop are delivered in weekly 90-minute online sessions. You will also complete pre-and post-work for each session as part of your practice.

Integrate quickly and more deeply

You can opt into any online community event. We host live events monthly and maintain a library of resources and practice tools.

Digital Micro-Credentials

Show others the soft skills you've learned in this course with a digital micro-credential badge.

Journaling Online Workshop

Journaling Online Workshop

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Learn how to cultivate a journaling practice that nourishes your health and well-being.

In this live-online workshop, you will be introduced to different journal styles, and you will learn why journaling is a valuable practice for reducing burnout, fatigue and anxiety. You will also learn what journaling techniques are most helpful for processing traumatic experiences. You will also learn how to avoid common journaling missteps that can detract from your psychological safety and how to build consistency and avoid boredom with your journaling practice.

The workshop runs for seven consecutive weeks. There is one 90-minute meeting each week and attendance is required for all meetings.

What you will get from this workshop:

  1. Improved self-regulation and stress coping skills.
  2. The ability to process events and emotions in a healthy way.
  3. The ability to 'switch off' and transition into sleep states at the end of the day.
  4. Access to monthly live online journaling and mindfulness practice sessions, check-in events and challenges.
  5. A digital micro-credential badge that shows the soft skills you learned in this workshop.

Good to Know:

  • This workshop meets as at a scheduled time each week for its duration. All community events and challenges are optional, however you must attend all the workshop meetings.
  • This workshop is supported by other online events and practice activities. Access to all workbooks and practice resources are included in your fee.
  • You will receive a free copy of the Firefly Blank Page Journal. The journal will be mailed to you within one business day after your registration is confirmed. 

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