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Understanding Stories & Narratives of Intergenerational Trauma

Understanding Stories & Narratives of Intergenerational Trauma

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This 4-week online workshop is designed for parents, caregivers, and professionals interested in breaking cycles of intergenerational trauma. This workshop is also ideal for helping professionals such as teachers, coaches, and vulnerable sector support workers who communicate and interact with clients throughout the various stages of their well-being recovery journey.

Use the options below to select your program date and the number of participants you would like to register, then complete a client registration form for each participant.

About this program

The goal of this workshop is to provide helping professionals, caregivers, and parents with the skills and tools to communicate well with individuals who have lived experience of intergenerational trauma and better to support themselves in their own experience of the phenomenon.

In this workshop, you will explore:

  1. The causes and effects of intergenerational trauma and how this kind of trauma is presented in brain-body behaviours and conflict patterns.
  2. Peacebuilding and relationship-building points of view about intergenerational trauma and its role in shaping personal identities, values, and conflict roles.
  3. How generational cycles of trauma are imprinted and reinforced through self-stories, the ways that intergenerational trauma informs self-storying and creates conscious and unconscious biases.
  4. Ways to guide self-stories towards trauma-aware and resilience-focused narratives so that you can increase personal and intergenerational communication and promote mental wellness and well-being for yourself and others.

What is included: This workshop includes an online workbook and pre- and post-meeting activities. Access to all workbooks and practice resources is included in your workshop fee.

Also included: Free access to our monthly Story Circle sessions (optional) to help you develop your narrative listening skills.

Attendance Options

This workshop is online only, runs for four consecutive weeks, and includes one 2.5-hour weekly meeting.

Attend from anywhere using your internet-capable device. We will provide you with a Zoom link and reminders shortly before each workshop session.

You will need to have access to a microphone and camera for each meeting. Keeping your camera on for the entire meeting is optional but recommended.

Additional Information

Experience: No meditation, coaching, storytelling, or journaling experience is required.

Risks: Sessions may involve listening to or contributing to discussions about trauma, conflict, and mental health. You should be able to make informed decisions about your tolerance levels and can choose not to participate in a discussion or activity. 

What to bring/have:

  • A notebook or journal and pen for writing.
  • Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable when moving, sitting, stretching, and lying down.
  • A small blanket or towel (optional).
  • A comfortable and private space where you can sit, lie down, talk, and walk around without interruption.
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Photograph of Dr. Patlee Creary

Meet your Instructor

Patlee Creary is a writer, speaker, Certified MBSR and Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator, mental health first aider, and Doctor of Philosophy in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Meet Patlee

Did you know?

We offer up to 1/3 of our program spaces each year to single mothers, BIPOC, and other underrepresented identities. This means qualifying individuals would pay only a portion of the posted rate for the selected program.