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3 Things I Learned from My Latest Personality Test.

I did a personality test, and I learned three things.

First, personality tests are an entertaining way to get some brain time. My 12-year-old daughter discovered this one from one day when she was bored at school. She was pretty excited to see something 'explain' her personality. I was psyched to hear that she knew how to use her phone for something other than snap chat!

Second, the test is one of many I have done in my lifetime. I do not live by personality typologies (and neither should you). Personalities change over time. Struggles, new joys, aging, new mindsets and values influence our characters on an ongoing basis. Still, I like how this test describes me today. I am an Advocate, which fits well with this stage in my life cycle. 

Third, a personality test is an excellent tool for starting a conversation. If you want to learn more from or about your non-verbal teenager (or tween), sitting with them and doing the test from your own devices and then casually comparing results is a great place to start. The same goes for your spouse, co-worker, and even your neighbour. Can you picture starting your next Monday morning staff meeting with a chat about how your personalities shape your work habits?

The bottom line:

Personality tests are not predictions or life sentences. I like to use them to see how my personality or character has evolved as I grow older, wiser, and more self-aware. The tests are a great conversation starter, even if the conversation only begins with yourself. I also like the version because it is simple to use and doesn't require that you enter any personal information to read the test results. If you are curious, try the test at, and then if it suits you, leave us a comment telling us what you discovered about your personality type.
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