Tools and practices that stick with you through life.

Small Steps with Big Impact

We've created a unique space where we bring together professionals, caregivers, and people experiencing significant life transitions to rediscover their inner strengths in the most impactful way.

We blend mindfulness-based stress reduction practices with journaling and lived experience storytelling practices to create one-of-a-kind community learning and practice sessions that give humans a human-centred approach to dealing with stress, disruption and burnout.

We guide our community with our Three Cs: Confidentiality, non-Coercion, and Commitment, so it's a safe and brave space for everyone.

Community Benefits

Self-Paced Learning

Get round-the-clock access to supportive tools & resources as you learn, connect and grow with individuals on the same journey.

Included Online Events

Feel connected and inspired with monthly live events, wellness challenges, bonus courses, and check-in events.

Member Rewards

Access invitations to in-person workshops and retreats, product discounts, free courses, and more.

Join the Community

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From Our Clients.

This community has been a lifesaver. Before joining, I wasn't able to talk openly about my mental well-being. Since being with the community, I have met like-minded people and I have learned a lot. I now feel free to share what's on my mind without fear of ridicule or criticism. Patlee and other community members have become my cheerleaders, and I feel genuinely supported. I also get to support others in the same way. I am very happy that I am a member of this community.

V. A.

I love connecting through narrative; these studio sessions help make my journaling work more enjoyable, meaningful, and insightful. I've reached a more profound ability to pin down peripheral thoughts into something enlightening and meaningful. The open discussions and different perspectives have pushed my thoughts and understandings in new directions. It's exciting, and I feel connected in new and gratifying ways.

K. H.

I love the Mindful Lunch session I attended! It included some nice bite-sized bits of information that supported my overall well-being. There is great value in joining these!

Victoria M.