Top three reasons to join the Reyou Community

  • Learning

    You'll learn mindfulness and personal narrative techniques tailored to busy parents, professionals, and caregivers, enabling you to respond to your daily demands and stressors in a healthier way.

  • Support

    You'll forge life-enhancing connections with like-minded individuals, fostering a strong mutual understanding and support network that nourishes your well-being learning and practice goals.

  • Realignment

    You'll have the chance to rejuvenate your body and mind through online and in-person retreats and practices, replenishing your energy to continue through life's disruptions and challenges.

Rediscover. Realign. Reconnect.

Reyou is your guide to well-being learning and practice that helps you feel stronger, more confident, and more stable in your life. 

We help you rediscover your inner strengths with online resources, group sessions and individual programs delivered within a supportive community framework.  

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Member Experiences

  • "I feel genuinely supported."

    "This community has been a lifesaver. Before joining, I wasn't able to talk openly about my mental well-being. Since being with the community, I have met like-minded people and I have learned a lot. I now feel free to share what's on my mind without fear of ridicule or criticism. Patlee and other community members have become my cheerleaders, and I feel genuinely supported. I also get to support others in the same way. I am very happy that I am a member of this community."

    Allan V.

  • "Today, because of this community, I am more resilient."

    "Before I joined the Reyou community, I was adrift. I joined at a time of great transition in my life when I was retiring from my job of 10 years and hoping to fulfill some of the goals I had been yearning to explore. But instead of feeling a sense of freedom and relief, I felt scattered and all out of sorts. I was flailing.
    With Patlee's help, I gained insight into some of the fears underlying my sense of unease. Through guided meditation, journaling, and the shared story circle, I developed the tools to calm my reactive mind. Stories from other community members provided valuable perspectives and insights, helping me see my own experiences and feelings in new ways.
    Today, because of this community, I am more resilient. When challenges arise, I can turn to some of the tools I have developed - and continue to develop. I feel more at ease and more present. I pay more attention, and I am more deliberate. More often now, I pause; I take the time to feel and express gratitude. I am learning to respond rather than react. 
    Thanks to the community, I feel supported in this ongoing process of change and growth. What a gift this has been! I look forward to many more meaningful moments with Patlee and the Reyou Community."

    Roberta T.

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We offer free resources that help you grow your stress resilience, reduce burnout, show up authentically, and celebrate your sense of belonging so that you can feel stronger, more confident, and more stable in your life.

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Once a month at Noon (CT)

Mindful Lunch

A free lunchtime speaker series that offers bite-sized learning to improve well-being and resilience.

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themed activities

Monthly Challenge

Self-paced learning, journaling and mindfulness activities following a monthly theme.

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