The Reyou mission

Our mission is to nurture well-being and community so everyone can live intentional life stories that positively impact their self-confidence, deepen their resilience, improve their relationships, and enhance their mental wellness. 

How we started

Reyou was founded by Patlee Creary, a Certified MBSR and Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator, mental health first aider, and Doctor of Philosophy in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Our work began as an expressive storytelling studio dedicated to strengthening resilience and mental well-being among caregivers and professionals who have experienced disruption and burnout.

Today, Reyou is a model of social entrepreneurship. We design and teach narrative, mental wellness and well-being practices that give people impacted by chronic stress and disruption an accessible, human-centered, and strengths-based approach to reclaiming their resilience. 

The Reyou approach

Our work is grounded in an evidence-based framework that uses mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), writing, storytelling, and community-building practices to help individuals and groups rediscover their strengths. 

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Dr. Patlee Creary speaking to participants at a group workshop.

Mindfulness Tools

We use secular and inclusive mindfulness tools and practices to help individuals, teams, and organizations respond to daily demands and stressors in a healthier way.

Lived Experience Storytelling

We are experts at blending art and narrative therapy practices to create accessible Self and Other stories that promote harmony and collective problem-solving.

MBSR Trained & Certified

We offer trauma-sensitive, secular, and inclusive personal and workplace mindfulness facilitation based on the gold standard of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

Evidence-based and Relatable

We break down complex research and data on mental well-being, resilience, and community building into digestible forms that can be immediately implemented. 

Focused on Social Impact

Reyou offers fee-based group and individual services and free and subsidized events that help individuals and communities grow their capacity and resilience. Our free events bring together like-minded individuals and business groups to grow healthier, more inclusive, and more connected communities. 

What we value most

  • Humanization

    We acknowledge the whole human, their unique identities and safety needs, and the totality of their experiences.

  • Community

    We prioritize respectful and careful interactions with our clients and colleagues. We see them and make them feel that they belong.

  • Safe+Brave Space

    We create a container of friendliness, curiosity, and non-judgment to make space for conversations that spark growth.

What our clients value in us

  • Patience and Support

    “Patlee is such a patient and supportive instructor. Thanks to this workshop, I am now more confident when communicating and better at listening and understanding others.”


  • A Genuine Community

    "Patlee and other community members have become my cheerleaders, and I feel genuinely supported. I also get to support others in the same way. I am very happy that I am a member of this community." 

    Allan V.

  • Experience and Knowledge

    "I really appreciate the retreat process, the explanation of the neuroscience behind what we are doing, and the takeaways that I can apply to my life going forward."

     Christine H.

  • Learning and Practice

    "These studio sessions help make my journaling work more enjoyable, meaningful, and insightful. It's exciting, and I feel connected in new and gratifying ways." 


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