Ten Million Baskets, A Poem

Ten Million Baskets, A Poem

My life is a journey through a market town 
lined with baskets from end to end Energy, focus, and attention are in my pocket; the Currency I will spend

The sellers peddle pride, power, and riches; these are the commodities of choice, if I fill my basket with these things, the world will not disappoint But my pockets are shallow,
my Currencies run thin
and the burden of choice commodities rubs hard against my skin

So I opt for lighter fare
the ones discarded in the snow -
Creativity. Simplicity. Happiness. Don’t you know?
And Life and Love and Music, and children’s Laughter and Fun and Play! so much to fill my baskets with barely a charge, per se By my journey’s end I have baskets
heavy with their load Not a burden, but a mantle - they are comforts for my Soul

I have Ten Million Baskets filled
with Love and Joy and Peace My baskets are reminders of a life well loved, and dreams of good that never cease.
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