A Quick Guide to an Untold Stories Studio Mindfulness Practice Session.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction practices have been shown to help reduce feelings of loneliness while improving our response to stressors. Mindfulness-based stress reduction practices have also been proven to help lower anxiety reactions and help people navigate major depression and post-traumatic stress. The key to unlocking these mental and emotional health benefits is learning and practice.

Contrary to the myths, a mindfulness practice does not always involve eyes closed meditation, and it is not always about sitting still. Mindfulness is definitely not about achieving states of razor sharp focus, unending happiness, or the ability to tune things out. 

Mindfulness is about paying attention to how our mind works. Each Untold Stories Studio mindfulness practice session pairs mindfulness with reflection so that you can attend to the awareness that uncover in the practice. This kind of approach to practicing mindfulness helps you:

  1. Create mental calm while promoting a sense of rest and renewal. 
  2. Learn skills that can help you increase mental focus and gain clarity. 
  3. Learn skills for reducing your anxiety reactions in the moment. 
  4. Make time for practical and beneficial self-care that supports good mental and emotional health. 
  5. Create mental space to process emotional and experiences as you unwind from the busyness of your day.
  6. Combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.

This is why each Untold Stories Studio mindfulness practice session uses  MBSR techniques and circle practices, not just meditation. When you practice with others, in the mode of the circle, you improve your relationality. Over time, with consistent mindfulness practice, you can achieve the ability to calmly meet your challenges and solve problems.